Friday, January 8, 2016


I haven’t had the opportunity to travel in the last five years that I’ve been living in Singapore--except that one time I went to Bangkok with my family, a trip to Batam with colleagues and two short day trips to Johor Bahru. But a few weeks before the school year ended, some friends at work and I decided to explore the Malacca.

Our trip to Malacca was such an incredible experience. I especially loved the food and strolling along the cultural sights.

And like I always do, I made a 7- hour roadtrip playlist. I must say, it’s the most diversified and eclectic mix I have ever made. Only because there were five of us in this trip and I knew we all had different tastes in music.

Oh and I also made a video...

Malacca from Happydiscosadness on Vimeo.

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