Saturday, April 14, 2018

Embracing Courage

As of writing, I am sitting in a small food court in Perth’s Terminal 4. In a few hours, I am heading back to Singapore and I have a lot of time to spare to reflect back on this adventure that has been my 14 days in Perth.

I booked a ticket to Perth spontaneously a few months ago. It was pretty random and I regret the decision almost immediately. Perth was never a place I thought I would ever visit. You can ask everyone who knows me and they could name a couple of cities they could identify me with and Perth was definitely not one of them. But anyway, fast forward to Good Friday and I was on a plane on my way to Western Australia. For the next two weeks, I found myself experiencing things I never ever imagine I would choose or do in this lifetime.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sweet Sixteen

Today, I spoke to a relative who shared with me some concerns she has about her sixteen year old daughter. She worries that her daughter is not popular nor has any interest to be one, that she doesn't have a best friend or isn't making any effort to be part of the norm, "She isn't the typical (girl who goes to this school)," my relative says.

She shares all these with me because I went to the same school her daughter goes to. She knows what I am talking about and I went through the exact same thing her daughter is going through. Her concerns may sound too superficial but this is the reality when you're a teenager or have a teenager.