Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happiness: Going Minimal

Inspiration from Pinterest

My recent move to my new place has inspired me to rethink about my lifestyle. Aside from the fact that it was incredibly stressful to move everything on my own, my new place definitely had less storage space. My new landlady doesn't like clutter either. While I am nowhere near going full-on minimalist living just yet, I have decided to slowly transition myself essentially to growing up.

My boss at work is a hoarder. I know because I myself hoard. But every semester my partner and I need to store things so appropriate overhauls for the next semester can be done. I realized after six months that I couldn't find anymore place to store my boss' things. I had to purge quite a lot of her stuff. She wasn't happy but I wasn't either. I realize right then and there that sometimes you need to do what you got to do.

The bottomline is, I am never going to stop wanting things. I will probably keep buying things that I don't really need but I could try to control myself each time I make a splurge.

As I drafted my post, I realized that like the whole process of my transition, it cannot be done in a singular entry. I decided to divide it. Take it step by step. Because my journey has not ended, it has only begun and hopefully, we can grow up together. 

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Happiness: What To Wear To Prom/Weddings

Last Saturday, my friend, Jam, was on a hunt for a perfect dress to wear to a wedding. Jam called me and asked me to help her. I always get excited when friends ask for my help and it means a lot to me that they value my opinion.

Coincidentally, Sherry London UK asked me to take a look at their Prom Dress Sale and write a review about their dresses. I'm 27 years old and I'm a decade over my prom days. But I did go to prom, I also went to a lot of debutantes' ball back in the day and I'm currently collaborating with a few engaged women for my bridesmaid dresses, so I know a thing or two about picking dresses or even having them made.

In helping (any of) my friends shop for dresses, I take into consideration a lot of things: their personal style, what colors and shapes will look good on them and the trend. But overall, my advice to Jam in picking her perfect dress was to keep things simple.

I wasn't fashion savvy back then but I knew enough that I had a very simple silhouette picked out. I had a two-piece blue halter dress made. I love how it just emphasized my collar bones back then. If I had to go back and redo my prom, I would have still gone for the same dress but ditched my date. The point is, stick to a classic silhouette that you'll want to wear ten years from now. 

I was looking at Sherry London's website and picked out my top 5 dresses they have whether you're headed to prom or a friend's wedding. I love that they have a wide color selection and that they give you detailed instructions on how to measure yourself if you're buying online. They also ship internationally, perfect for anyone outside the UK.

I think I have found my perfect bridesmaid dress for my best friend, Tricia's wedding. Like I said, I am a sucker for classic cuts and this sweetheart-style dress is gorgeous. 

I love this high neck dress. It is a bit trendy but I think it's gorgeous. It takes its cue from classic pieces except for the fact that it is cropped on the top. But I think it's a good balance of classic and trendy. 

I have a thing for halter dresses although mine was more of a triangle kind than this. Not only is it a great cut but it also saves you from having to think about what necklace to wear. 

I absolutely love this dress. It gives you that two-tone effect that is very contemporary. I also love how the pleats dramatically gives volume to the dress. 

Short dresses are also cool. I remember my friend Jaq, wore an orange dress to prom. I was floored, I didn't know you could actually wear a short dress to prom back then. But she did and she looked awesome. Nowadays, it's so common and even more practical to wear short dresses. I'd totally wear a dress like this to prom, event galas or weddings. 

Sherry London UK is currently having a summer sale on their prom dresses. If you're on a hunt for great bargain dresses, go check them out. 

*This post is a collaboration between Happydiscosadness and Sherry London UK.

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