Saturday, March 26, 2016

Current Guilty Pleasures #2

What do you think of my new layout? I decided to change things up a bit layout-wise. I still have the same header, I just decided to remove the sidebar. You can still find the sidebar down below should you need help navigating my blog. Let me know what you guys think of this new look.

I'm a week away from school holidays and I'm stoked. Actually, I have another extra week of work but that's okay... I need to work hard for the money. I thought I ought to share five of my new favourite things. They're pretty random but they're new to my routine, lifestyle or whatever.


I was never the kind of kid who fell on all the trends back in the 90's. Sure, I had those tacky butterfly clips that had wings that flap back and forth. Sure, I owned a Tamagotchi. Yes, I inherited my dad's pager... but that's all I had. We were never really loaded, so I knew even as a kid that there are some things that I can never own. I never had the 90's faux tattoo plastic choker but I remember making myself a beaded choker. I recently got myself two chokers from Forever 21 for $5 each. I thought it was a steal. I didn't want to pay any more than $5.

Those who know me well know that I'm not a huge fan of nude lipstick. I'm a pale girl and nude colours, no matter how much I want to wear them and no matter how pretty they are just doesn't work for me. Either they make me look dead or it looks like I'm not wearing anything at all. When it come to picking colours, I tend to go bold whether its reds or pinks or even mauvy purple. But attending my best friend's wedding back in December made me realise I needed a lipstick that was almost neutral with a hint of colour. A perfect shade for occasions like weddings. I spoke to the makeup artist who did my face. She initially wanted to use a colour that the whole team agreed upon on. But then she realised halfway through that this matte colour from MAC was perfect for me. On any other days, I wouldn't give nude lippies my time of the day. But this surprisingly is beautiful. Temptalia describes it as a "subtly blue-toned medium pink." I must

Miguel - Waves (Tame Impala Remix)

Occasionally, I love busting old school RNB tracks in my iPod. I'm super obsessed with this Miguel tracked mostly because its remixed by Tame Impala. On its own, Miguel's waves is already catchy, radio-friendly track. But this remix courtesy of Kevin Parker of Tame Imapala is sexy and smooth as silk with its head-tripping synths.

My first introduction to Tame Impala was at my very first Laneway gig in Singapore. It was my first festival, within an hour of entering my nose started bleeding and I was extremely dehydrated. Towards the end, I was extremely exhausted. Tame Impala was the second the last act to play before Gotye and I remember feeling very trippy that I fell asleep during their set! But I'm definitely a fan and I absolutely love this track all the more because of Kevin Parker's involvement.

I grew up in the Philippines where rice is a staple. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While other people prefer and can live with bread alone, I on the other hand, couldn't live without rice. I know while it isn't entirely unhealthy, it isn't the healthiest option either. From my usual white rice, I slowly worked my way to eating brown rice. Two months ago, I decided to cut off rice. Since I couldn't live without some form of grain, I decided to switch it up with quinoa instead. It was scary. I didn't really think I'd like eating quinoa and looking at the weird fibres sprout from the seeds was a bit unsettling. But surprisingly, I find quinoa satisfying and rice-like. I have it for lunch and sometimes dinner. But usually, I reserve my overnight oats for dinner meals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a strict diet. My main intention is not to lose weight but to live a little healthier. So whenever I am out, I don't limit myself to eating salads and instead, I indulge.

OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo

Hair used to be a very sensitive issue for me. I used to be very critical about it. As a kid, I wanted to grow it long but my mom wouldn't let me grow it. She thought that I wouldn't grow right if I had long hair because my hair would eat up all the nutrients--weird, I know. She did finally let me grow it out in high school and I had long hair ever since up until 2013 when I decided to stop caring so much how it looks. I've been experiencing breakage and hair loss so I chopped it all off. I then donated all my hair to a small organisation that creates wigs for cancer patients. At the moment, I'm keeping my hair long because of multiple bridesmaid commitments. I mean, it's not a requirement but it's nicer and easier to have long hair. 

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