Saturday, October 20, 2012

Disconnect: Lisa Hannigan

If you have never heard of Irish indie folk musician Lisa Hannigan, then shame on you. Lisa began her music career as part of Damien Rice's band, providing numerous backing vocals to the folk singer-songwriter. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals can be heard in most of the tracks in Rice's O album including my absolute favorite The Blower's Daughter. Unfortunately, the partnership between the two independent musicians, as well as their romance, soon fizzled out when Rice fired her from the band--an event ultimately driving Hannigan to a solo career in 2007.

In 2008, she released her solo debut, Sea Sew--a record that showcased all of her talents and her style. From the album cover, which she knitted with her mother, to the various instruments she played. And she trades her muted wardrobe and mystique stage presence she possessed when she was with Damien Rice for an assortment of colorful vintage dresses, sunny folk tunes and even some happy dancing. She released her sophomore effort, Passenger in 2011. Now, Hannigan has reached critical acclaim for her solo efforts.

Lisa Hannigan is like a fairy nymph or a bohemian gypsy in the way she looks, and even sings. Dressed in the most adorable vintage dresses, she lights up the stage with soaring vocals and the sweetest melodies.

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