Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disconnect: Aila Wang

Um... Suri, who?

Twice a year, Alexander Wang's niece Aila Wang steals the show and emerges as New York Fashion Week's best dressed. The inimitable three year old definitely has her uncle's signature urban chic style. There is nothing cuter than a little girl wearing Nike kicks, leather dress and a mini Chanel bag. If the Wang family play their cards right, then we're probably looking at the next It Girl. 

Being a preschool teacher, I have always wondered what my own child will look like. I sure as hell wish/vow to myself that my child inherit the select few traits that I am proud of; namely, a) my fair complexion (I'm a proud marshmallow baby and my child should be one too!), b) my street savvy (call it intuition, instincts, judgment or even spidey-sense but I don't think I aced my Critical Thinking class in college for nothin'), c) good taste in music (and it does not include Wonder Girls, Akon and Justin Bieber), and d) creativity and style--because seriously, there is nothing cuter than a little boy dressed in a bow tie or a girl in a high bun. For reference, check out Kids Got Swag!

Photos via Google Images
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